Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jack be Little

The first seeds of my Pumpkin Planet Story have been dispersed and it is clear that, as expected some have fallen on stoney ground. The most positive feedback so far has come from the Pumpkin People themselves, who have been most encouraging.
My last entry shows the first contact I received from Pumpkin Planet. Since then I have enjoyed a regular correspondence with the Butternut Ponka family who seem not only genuine but very pleasant and helpful people. They provide me with lots of detailed info about their lives and in turn I tell them about Earth, which mostly consists of answering questions from Little Grappa.
His obsession with Jack be Little pumpkins inspired me to produce the above picture showing the Pumpkin people eating a typical meal carved out of their living homes. Big Erik has assured me that no structural damage is caused by this practice as the walls quickly grow back. Apparently the ceilings are particularly tasty and nourishing.

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  1. Thank you Greg, Little Grappa much loves this. But he does not understand that earth pumpkin are not like people, and that it is just fairy story.