Monday, 14 February 2011

Miss Mistony Calls

Just Heard from Erik:

Hello Greg,
Madelaine has now finished more her pictures, so what happened next was Miss Mistony (Madelaine teacher and Good friend for me) come over and looks after Little Grappa, who is happy because Miss Mistony also bring pet Zuigi.
I drove fast in seed convertible to city where is my office in Sky Vine Mainstem. I should have try work out what is making bad vibration on Sky Vine, but I was all time thinking about Miss Mistony, she look  today very nice.




  1. Hi Greg,
    I am a scout spirit planet hoping through the universe. I have surveyed many gray planets on my travelings. It seems to me from the data I accumulated over the eons that all gray planets where once pumpkin planets, but as time went by they lost touch with their seeds or have rendered their seeds sterile. It is not clear how this happened, but what I can tell from sniffing around is that the soil of these planets still has in it the potential to manifest the abundance of life and color once present there. All it needs is a seed as a vehicle through which this potential would make itself present again in physical form.
    I must hyperglide now, I'm investigating something interesting on this slightly different time coordinate, but please send my best wishes to professor Ponka, I will be monitoring his progress from no-space.

  2. Thornad (Your profile picture looks strangely familiar), what you say is very interesting. Perhaps Planets loose their pumpkiness when they become disconnected from the interstellar vine. This is something I could ask Erik about although at the moment he seems a preoccupied with a security alert or is it Miss MIstony?