Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The seed is sown

Today the story was finished(to read click above pumpkin planet story). It has taken about six weeks and having gone through many stages now comprises of about 280 words arranged on a single A4 sheet. But this is just the beginning, hopefully.  The real work is in the pictures, the first of which was also completed today. The next stage is to distribute the seeds and hope they fall on some fertile ground.

The story itself is a seed, and is about seeds. Seeds sent from an improbable far away place (Pumpkin Planet) to a very nearby, probable place (Earth in the future). But this future earth is barren and grey, full of
people that are equally grey. It sounds heavy for a kids book, and it would be heavy if it were set on Earth but its not. Instead the action takes place on a large Pumpkin shaped planet growing on an interstellar pumpkin vine, somewhere in an unknown region of the universe where very unusual things can happen. Imagine if you can a planet as rich and diverse as our own only where everything is made from pumpkins. Pumpkins and squashes of every kind make up the mountains, forests, deserts, seas, animals and even people. Yes people - the Pumpkin People. Now that's not heavy, its just, . . . . . improbable.

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